Oud : The wood of the gods


Oud (oudh, agarwood) is a resinous wood, one of the most precious and expensive raw materials in nature.


We have been fascinated by its history as well as its scent - Lord Buddha for example, described it as the scent of Nirvana;  the state of absolute freedom, quietude and ultimate happiness. 

We offer three different ways to enjoy this  treasure.

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I. Oud Wood

Burning oud has been highly appreciated since ancient times in many civilisations around the world due to the cultural and religious significances.

In Japan, oud is used in the Kodo incense ceremony. It is a symbol of spirituality as associated with Buddha, and burnt to communicate with ancestors.


Prepare a hot charcoal and 'listen' to a scent of oud. We offer a Japanese method to enjoy this precious gift from nature.


Our modern ceramic burners are hand-crafted by our partner, Cuze who designed them especially for us.

>> How to burn

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II. Oud Incense Stick

Another way to enjoy oud is to burn our fine Japanese incense sticks. We carefully and ecologically select these rare treasures to guarantee 100% natural ingredients without any synthetic fragrances.

The sophisticated, subtle and elegant scents will bring you pure pleasure. ​

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