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Oud : The wood of the gods


Oud (oudh, agarwood) is a resinous wood, one of the most precious and expensive raw materials in nature.


We have been fascinated by its history as well as its scent - Lord Buddha for example, described it as the scent of Nirvana;  the state of absolute freedom, quietude and ultimate happiness. We offer three different ways to enjoy this  treasure.

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I. Oud Wood

Burning oud has been highly appreciated since ancient times in many civilisations around the world due to the cultural and religious significances.

In Japan, oud is used in the Kodo incense ceremony. It is a symbol of spirituality as associated with Buddha, and burnt to communicate with ancestors.


I. with Ash + Charcoal

Prepare a hot charcoal and 'listen' to a scent of oud. We offer a Japanese method to enjoy this precious gift from nature.


Our modern ceramic burners are hand-crafted by our partner, Cuze who designed them especially for us.

>> How to burn

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II. with 'Modular' Burner

Just warming a tiny piece of Oud on the ceramic plate over the heat. Thus gently releasing its pure scent without being burned directly.


A clean and elegant indirect type of diffusing the magical scents. This is the way Oud deserves it — slow and sustainable vaporising and controlling the heat. Our original 'Module' burners are hand-crafted by Saeam.

>> See the details

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II. Oud Incense Stick

Another way to enjoy oud is to burn our fine Japanese incense sticks. We carefully and ecologically select these rare treasures to guarantee 100% natural ingredients without any synthetic fragrances.

The sophisticated, subtle and elegant scents will bring you pure pleasure. ​

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III. Oud Perfume

Oud - Our Liquid Gold


Wearing this beauty, we offer two options ; concentrated essential oil, which is steam distilled, 100% pure and natural, and mist which is made of the essential oil blended with organic alcohol. Both are prêt-à-porter pure oud perfumes for your special occasions. ​

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About Oud


Oud is formed in the heartwood of the aquilaria trees by fungal infection, taking hold of the tree,  the tree then responds by producing a protective resin which saturates the heartwood and the roots. It’s estimated that only 2% of wild ‘agar’ trees produce this resin. After many years the amount of resin that the tree has produced increases the density of the resin-embedded heartwood, defining its quality and scent.


Oud has strong cultural and religious significance in ancient civilisations around the world; being described and worshiped in the world's oldest written texts, Sahih Muslim, the Charaka Samhita, the Torah, the Bhagavad Gita. The oud-chips are burned during religious rituals, thanks to their intoxicating vertu.


Having a very illustrious history, oud was worn by royalty and wealthy merchants, also prized as a medicine for various health complaints.

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