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Japanese Incense Stick

The burning of incense in Japan began during the 6th century due to the introduction of Buddhism. Buddha described the smell of oud as a scent of nirvana. Incense has been used since then for ceremonies, meditation and spirituality.


Incense Stick

Sandalwood and agarwood (oud) are the main ingredients in Japanese incense. The sophisticated, subtle and elegant scents will bring you pure pleasure. ​ We carefully and ecologically select these rare treasures to guarantee 100% natural ingredients without any synthetic fragrances.


Incense Holder & Plate

To enhance your experience with our Japanese incense sticks, simply combine them with an incense holder and plate, or opt for an incense plate featuring a convenient hole.

Explore our selection of meticulously handcrafted accessories to satisfy your aesthetic preferences and elevate your sensory journey.

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