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100% Natural Solid Perfume

Hand Crafted in Berlin

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Solid Perfume


Handcrafted Walnut Wooden Box
In collaboration with Kreislauf

Our solid perfume, exclusively formulated with 100% natural ingredients, featuring therapeutic-grade essential oils, is hand-poured into a walnut wood box. 

Designed for refillability, after use, kindly bring the detachable inner case to our Berlin boutique for a convenient refill, ensuring a seamless cycle of reuse.

At the heart of our creation lies the meticulous craftsmanship of Kreislauf, a Berlin-based duo of woodworking artisans comprising two brothers.


They skilfully handcraft each wooden box using reclaimed, premium wood, reflecting their dedication to sustainability and waste reduction. 

Scent Variations

[ Scent 02 ]


Scent 02 is a masterful conjurer of earthy, warm and woody depths, with its centrepiece being Assam oud—a treasure as valuable as gold, ranking among the world's most expensive raw materials. Oud's fundamental beauty reveals itself through its complex layered volume. Its historical connection to ancient civilisations, including Lord Buddha's description as a scent of nirvana, truly underscores its profound significance.


This accord introduces a harmonious marriage between Assam oud and Italian mushrooms offering comforting umami-tastes, while smoky and woody oriental patchouli, alongside awakened cedarwood, contribute to their evocative character. The fresh resin of frankincense and the sweet mellowness of benzoin gently support this olfactory melody, guiding an inner spiritual journey.

Oud from Assam

Italian Mushroom


Red Cedar




[ Scent 11 ]


Drawing inspiration from the historical figure Yang Guifei 楊貴妃 (719-756), renowned not only as one of the four beauties of ancient China but also celebrated for her exceptional intelligence, cultivated knowledge, and extraordinary talents in dance and music, scent 11 pays homage to her profound appreciation for a variety of fragrances, including the rare borneol and the currently regulated deer musk. 


An exquisite blend of hyssop, an ancient and sacred herb, and Japanese camphor, known as Kusunoki in the revered Shinto tradition, radiates a delicate radiance, illuminating your journey with an immediate and captivating allure.


At the heart of this creation lies orris root, one of the most precious raw materials in the world, extracted through a painstaking process. Its enchanting essence unfolds gradually when worn on your skin, revealing an elegant and intricate tapestry of aromatic layers that harmonise with the creamy richness of Indian sandalwood.


Indian Sandalwood

Siam Wood

Siberian Fir

Violet Leaf

Hyssop, Sage

Japanese Kusunoki Camphor

[ Scent : Oud ]


Oud, often hailed as the "wood of the gods," was once poetically described by Lord Buddha as the essence of Nirvana—an embodiment of absolute freedom, serenity, and profound joy.


Crafted from pure oud sourced from the forests of Pang Sida, Thailand, this solid perfume offers a sensory experience like no other. Its distinctive scent captivates with an initial burst of vibrant fruitiness, setting the stage for an unparalleled olfactory voyage.


At its forefront, the fragrance sings with the clarity of a bird's melody, gracefully transitioning into a delicate sweetness reminiscent of neroli, adorned with gentle floral undertones. This harmonious blend transcends the senses, elevating the soul and inviting exploration into realms beyond imagination.

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