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RYOKO scent olfactory creation | scent collaborations

Olfactory Collaboration

Many years of experience in this field, true commitment and ongoing passion for the olfactory arts, we have built a botanical archive and continue to embark on an olfactive journey, exploring different forms, expressions and techniques, in collaboration with various artists.


Sound x Scent
For Hydration by Tenka 


A unique sensory-experience cross-over where sound smell and scent sing...

Hydration is an album created by Tenka, Japanese sound artist known as Meitei, lives in a small island in Hiroshima.


Spending lots of time in the mountain forests that he lives close to, his latest project Hydration explores the rich sensory pleasures of his natural surroundings, focusing on colour, sound, smell, humidity, touch, atmosphere and taste.

We, on the other side of the ocean in Germany, translated his sound creation into an olfactory landscape based on long conversations with Tenka.


We carefully chose 13 plants for their therapeutic qualities, as well as their historical background and meaning. Each plant has its own stories to tell, characteristics, tones and energies, thus the capacity to speak on our behalf.

RYOKO scent x Tenka sound | Hydration | Collaboration

With a layer of fresh, vivid and green notes of camphor tree, sage and basil, the scent offers a sound of blessing rain. Woody and wet, profound but comfort, Japanese Hiba cypress and juniper berry promise a growth and reconciliation with yourself, while earthy undertones of grounding vetiver and warm cedar tree add a depth to the serenity.



Awareness is Fire


Its use offers a soothing embrace, providing comfort and inner peace, especially after a chaotic day or when navigating unfamiliar surroundings. It serves as a guiding light to help you reconnect with your authentic, unwavering essence

Therapeutic Key Ingredients :


Linden Blossom
Opens the heart chakra; encouraging love and self-forgiveness in challenging times


Vetiver and Spikenard
Highly sedative, relieves insomnia and mental exhaustion. Deepens your connection to nature, aids self-awareness; bringing you back to your original self


Austrian Hay

Brings warming protection and peace. Antidepressant qualities 


Frankincense and Labdanum
Calming, regenerating; promotes slowing down. Encourages ideas, thoughts and feelings to be expressed


Siberian Fir
Grounding, provides emotional support to grow and move forward. Fosters a deeper connection to self


For Present Magazine




This scent creation, aptly named 'Shidō' (始動) after the Japanese words for 'starting,' 'activation,' and 'movement,' serves as an inspiring catalyst for a conscious and creative beginning.

Japanese hinoki cypress and Himalayan cedar bring you growths and grounding by supporting your emotion. Both have been sacred since ancient times; the one in Shinto and the other one in Hindu offering strength and a high label of spirituality.


Freshness of Japanese herb Shiso revitalizes, while sharpness of hyssop stimulates creativity by purifying blockages.

RYOKO scent for Present Magazine | Shido ambient scent | room spray


For Atelier Å

Voyage de Senteur


"If Å Journal itself was to be translated into an unambiguous essence it would be rather herbal, earthy, woody, yet warm with hints of spicy notes. It would aim to bring a sense of tranquility and contemplation...” 


By Kama Krystel, Editor-in-chief & Curator of Å Journal


Includes 19 botanical ingredients 

such as;

Peruvian Palo Santo

Indian Sandalwood

Japanese Hiba Cypress

French Seaweed

Sweet Basil


Juniper Berry


For KAUFHAUS by Maison Eureka 



In the process of developing the fragrance for the Nippon fashion brand, we delved into the fascination of the Japanese word "SEI" which possesses multiple meanings despite its identical pronunciation.

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