Limited Edition 

Voyage de Senteur pour Atelier Å


".. If Å Journal itself was to be translated into an unambiguous essence it would be rather herbal, earthy, woody, yet warm with hints of spicy notes. It would aim to bring a sense of tranquility and contemplation..." by Kama Krystel, Editor-in-chief & Curator of Å Journal


In collaboration with Atelier Å, we created a 100% natural scent out of 19 therapeutical essential oils, absolutes and tincture. All of the ingredients are precious and alive. Appealing to your soul.


In order to complement our perfume as an artform, Japanese ceramicist Cuze crafted porcelain perfume bottles which are one of a kind, true sculptures. 


Main Scent

Palo Santo | Sandalwood | Seaweed | Basil | Juniper Berry | Hiba | Frankincense



Eau de Parfum : Organic alcohol base

- Regular 35 ml / 1 Fl oz with Cuze Porcelain Bottle

- Regular 35 ml / 1 Fl oz Pipette


Parfumed Oil : Oil base

- Trial 5 ml Pipette


Powder Perfume is also avaible


Hand-crafted in Germany



Reusable Porcelain Flacon by Cuze


As an option, you can store your perfume in one of our unique, sculpture-like, handcrafted vessels. Decant or refill your perfume into a timeless and elegant flacon, created by, berlin based ceramicist, Cuze. ​ By reviving the age-old idea of a reusable flacon, we manifest our dedication to sustainability and appreciation of skilled craftsmanship. To reuse your flacon for another perfume, simply wash it with alchool.


Porcelain flacons are handmade, therefore each piece is one of a kind and the shape/size vary. We guarantee however, that ones we stock is aesthetically satisfying. We hope you appreciate its encounter and uniqueness. If you would like to choose one, please contact us at We will then send you pictures.


Size:  D 5.5cm-6.5cm, H 8-10cm

Color:  Ivory / Off white



All Natural Perfume


Our perfumes are all created from 100% natural ingredients such as absolutes, essential oils, CO2 extracts, tinctures and organic vegetable alcohol (or fractionated coconut oil if perfumed oil). It contains no synthetics.

Voyage de Senteur : Pour Atelier A

  • 100% Natural Ingredients :
    Alcohol Denat (Organic Vegetable Alcohol), Natural Fragrance