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Voyage de Senteur

Pour Atelier Å


".. If Å Journal itself was to be translated into an unambiguous essence it would be rather herbal, earthy, woody, yet warm with hints of spicy notes. It would aim to bring a sense of tranquility and contemplation..." by Kama Krystel, Editor-in-chief & Curator of Å Journal


In collaboration with Atelier Å, we created a 100% natural scent out of 19 therapeutical essential oils and absolutes. 


Powder Perfume is also avaible


Voyage de Senteur : Pour Atelier A

  • Top Notes: Holy Basil, Hemp

    Heart Notes:  Palo Santo, Juniper Berry, Japanese Hiba Cypress, Frankincense, Smoke Tree

    Base Notes:  Indian Sandalwood, French Seaweed, Siam Wood

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