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Room Spray

Our 100% natural room spray formulations are meticulously crafted with a potent concentration of essential oils, allowing you to fully experience the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy.


With a simple application by spraying into the air, our room spray swiftly imparts an instant and transformative effect on your environment.

Photo © Laura Nickel

Forest Bathing - RYOKO - Ambient Scent Room Spray

A deeply grounding scent with a hint of warm cedar, to offer protection, plus a lightly smokey note of patchouli and nuanced herbaceous basil. It has a powerful affect on our yin energy, through the addition of earthy vetiver root, whose sedative qualities help relieve insomnia and reconnect you to your inner core.


Combined these essences creates space in your mind, clear away negative thoughts and slowing you down.

Woody | Earthy | Green

Awareness Room Spray by RYOKO - Ambient Scent

Fresh | Spicy | Woody

Fullmoon Balancing - RYOKO ambient scent
Good bye stress RYOKO ambient scent room spray

Fruity Floral | Citrus | Herbaceous

Herbaceous | Floral | Citrus



A fusion of freshness containing rosemary, which provides immediate relief from stress and mental exhaustion, and a soothing note of lavender to calm the nervous system and help you stay in harmony. The woody warmth of cedar adds strength and recharges your energy.

A harmony of herbaceous clary sage and floral geranium, both known as excellent remedies for hormonal imbalances, in other words, saviours for women in modern society. A gentleness of ho wood and the clearness of sweet orange provide an additional uplifting quality, to brighten your sprit.

It contains a generous note of exotic ylang ylang flower, which acts to open your heart and restore faith throughout the dark winter months, alongside a fresh note of sweet orange and lavender.


Lavender is a beloved all round healer and true elixir, which has the ability to support us in numerous ways. Together this blend helps soothing your discomfort and returns you to a place of peace and harmony. 

Special Edition

in Collaboration with NINA KLEIN

Awareness is Fire, a product born from our collaboration with the Nina Klein Agency.


Its use offers a soothing embrace, providing comfort and inner peace, especially after a chaotic day or when navigating unfamiliar surroundings. It serves as a guiding light to help you reconnect with your authentic, unwavering essence

in Collaboration with PRESENT

This scent creation, aptly named 'Shidō' (始動) after the Japanese words for 'starting,' 'activation,' and 'movement,' serves as an inspiring catalyst for a conscious and creative beginning.

Japanese hinoki cypress and Himalayan cedar bring you growths and grounding by supporting your emotion. Both have been sacred since ancient times; the one in Shinto and the other one in Hindu offering strength and a high label of spirituality.


Freshness of Japanese herb Shiso revitalizes, while sharpness of hyssop stimulates creativity by purifying blockages.

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Scent Of Single Plant

Celebrate the beauty of nature's scents by highlighting a specific olfactory plant 

Essential Oil

Ambient Design