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Crafted from all-natural ingredients and high-quality essential oils, our candles are GMO-free and made from vegan-friendly, soy wax and a cotton wick. To give our candles a wabi sabi character we hand-poured them into unique antique ceramic jars that we collected personally. 


When lit, the candle gently releases therapeutic essential oils. These concentrated essences are often referred to as the higher consciousness or ‘souls’ of plants and have profound effects on our well-being. 


Our aromatherapy candles burns slowly and cleanly, at a low temperature. It is important to us, to create products that do not, in any way, harm our physiology and therefore no petroleum/paraffin or synthetic fragrances are used in the production of our candles.


Whilst burning this candle, we hope you enjoy the passage of time it defines, as well as its wabi-sabi quality and uniqueness. To reuse the jar, simply wash it out with hot water.


Scent : Leaves

With :  Bay Leaf | Sage | Ho Leaf | Cypress | Siberian Fir


As leaves are the equivalent of lungs for plants, the essences extracted from them provide excellent support for the respiratory system. Their scents open the mind, creating space and help clear away negative thoughts.





HIKARI _ Therapeutic Light in Antique Jar

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  • XS : Approx. 42g

    S : Approx. 65g

    M : Approx. 72g

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