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Home Fragrance
Ambient Design with Candle and Oil Lamp 

Sense of smell is the most illogical, personal and intuitive human sense. It has the capability to comfort us, as well as transport us instantly to particular times and places in our past. It shapes our moods and our behaviour and even guides our decisions. 

Crafting a welcoming and cozy atmosphere extends beyond mere furnishings and interior decor; scent plays an integral role.


Scented Candle : Therapeutic Light

Our aromatherapy formulation gently releases therapeutic scent when lit. These concentrated essential oils are often referred to as the higher consciousness or ‘souls’ of plants and have profound effects on our well-being. 

Made from 100% natural ingredients and a cotton wick, we hand-poured at our Berlin studio, GMO-free vegan-friendly soy wax and high-quality essential oils into unique ceramic jars.


Scent : Leaves


Bay Leaf


Ho Leaf


Siberian Fir

As leaves are the equivalent of lungs for plants, the essences extracted from them provide excellent support for the respiratory system. They open the mind, creating space and help clear away negative thoughts.​

© laura nickel _ 2014.jpg

We hand-poured the candle into unique antique ceramic jars that we collected personally. We hope you enjoy the passage of time it defines, as well as its wabi-sabi quality and uniqueness.

Treasure Box


This small jar contains a dream - a dream of 5 hours…  We offer you time to look within, time to be.


Honouring the passage of time, as well as the Japanese ‘ichi-go ichi-e’ idea; the appreciation of unrepeatable nature of a moment and enduring symbol of time itself, this candle burning up to 5 hours, embodied a timekeeper, represents the present as being between the past and the future.

We have hand-poured our HIKARI leave scented candles into a black ceramic bowl crafted by Saeam Kwon. 


Studio Cúze, Berlin-based Japanese ceramic studio hand-crafted one-of-a-kind sculptured ceramic candle holders while we formulated two scents in homage to his sculpture piece.

Scent : Green


Oak Moss


Scots Pine



Scent : White



Sandalwood Amyris

Ylang Ylang

Ho Wood



Diya : Scented Oil Lamp

To revive the ancient form of light, Diya oil lamps are carefully crafted by Mumbai-based Casegoods with a contemporary design, ensuring a lifetime of use, during which their surfaces will gracefully mature, enhancing their timeless beauty.

We owe our gratitude to the skilled Indian artisans from Casegoods, who have ethically crafted these lamps. Their invaluable knowledge, expertise, and time-honored techniques, which have persevered for thousands of years, continue to be handed down through generations via both craft and oral traditions.

For the Diya oil lamp, RYOKO have developed two scents which are made of

all-plant based ingredients including therapeutical essential oils

 [ Scent I. Ensoul ]


Cleanses your aura and brings you a comfort and warm protection ​


Purifying Sage

Sacred Myrrh

Energising Holy basil

Peace-Inducing Patchouli ​

[ Scent II. Celebrate ]

Lift your mood and brings you a joy and happiness


Brightening Litsea Cubeba

Refreshing Lemongrass

Clarity-Inducing Sweet Fennel

Geranium and Palmarosa which enhance compassion

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