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IncenScape by RYOKO

Our very own original incense cones "IncenScape" offer the same exceptional ceremonial quality as our indirect-incense. This means that you can now experience the pure scent and therapeutic benefits without the need for charcoal and ash preparation.


Incense Cone

We proudly ensure that they are all handcrafted in Berlin, using only 100% natural ingredients, completely free from synthetic additives;  each precious resin or wood undergoes a meticulous process, beginning with pulverization in a mortar and concluding with individual hand-shaping.


Incense Cone Plate

For the enjoyment of our incenScape (incense cone), a plate alone is all you need. Explore our selection of handcrafted accessories to satisfy your aesthetic preferences and elevate your sensory journey.


SHINDEN IncenScape + Altar Treasure Box

In our belief, everything finds its rightful place with time and attention. ‘Shinden 神殿’ meaning a sacred place in Japanese, embodies this sentiment. 

The box contains a ceramic altar handcrafted by Wendy Taylor and all of our four various incenses.

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