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In our belief, everything finds its rightful place with time and attention. ‘Shinden 神殿’ meaning a sacred place in Japanese, embodies this sentiment. 


Crafted with meticulous care by Wendy Taylor, this ceramic altar serves as a revered space to elevate your incense-burning ritual. Our original incense cones, 'IncenScape', offer exceptional ceremonial quality. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients, they are entirely free from synthetic additives, ensuring purity and authenticity. Every stage of production, from pulverising raw materials to shaping each cone, unfolds by hand at our Berlin studio.


The box contains :

  • Ceramic Incense Plate Hand-Crafted (7.5 x 7.5 x H 1 cm) by Wendy Taylor 
  • Vietnamese Oud IncenScape : Incense Cone x 2 pieces
  • Omani Frankincense IncenScape : Incense Cone x 2 pieces 
  • Peruvian Black Copal IncenScape : Incense Cone x 2 pieces
  • Indonesian Vetiver Roots IncenScape : Incense Cone x 2 pieces



SHINDEN Incense + Altar Treasure Box


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