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Discovering your scent

Crafted from 100% natural botanical essences, these fragrances possess the remarkable capacity to resonate on a profound level.


They do more than merely scent your body; they can also provide spiritual, emotional, physical, and pharmacological support thanks to the therapeutical plants. 


With Olfactory Chart

Our scents are intricately layered and, thanks to their dynamic botanical formulation, evolve uniquely on your skin over time, transitioning from the top note to the heart note and finally to the base note. The top note typically features fresh and crisp elements, while the base note tends to be mellower and deeper in tone.

To assist you in your scent discovery, we have made these olfactory nuances much more simple with the chart.


Sun, Active

Stimulating, Inspiring, Opening-Up



Earthy, Grounding

Fresh, Floral

Sharp, Spicy

Mellow, Rounded



Moon, Comforting

Resting, Calming, Nourishing


With Olfactory Classification


With Olfactory Invitation Sample Set

Explore your preferred scent with our sample set. It comes with a discount code for your subsequent purchase of the regular-sized eau de parfum.

Take your time to individually experience each scent at your leisure.

Available exclusively online.


Please talk to us!

Still unsure of your scent? 

Please come over to our boutique in Berlin or simply contact us!

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12047 Berlin - Neukölln Germany

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