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Time Travel


The perception of scent is profoundly personal, intimately linked to our individual memories and emotions through the limbic system. It's a completely subjective experience, and we can never truly fathom the unique scents others encounter.

Voyage Dans Le Temps is a tribute to the intricacies of olfactory perception.


Scent 08 unveils a captivating blend of smoky leather, woody tobacco, and the depth of patchouli and cade wood. The rounded sweetness of resinous labdanum and benzoin complements this profile, further enriched by the opulence of damask rose.


As this fragrance graces your skin, its grounding essence gradually unfurls. It reveals the profound muskiness of spikenard, sourced from its roots, connecting you to your origins and your authentic self. The enchanting magic of sandalwood imparts a creamy depth, providing solid support to the overall composition. 

Voyage Dans Le Temps : SCENT 08

  • Top Notes:  Atlas Cedar, Red Cedar

    Heart Notes:  Tobacco, Labdanum, Damask Rose,

    Base Notes:  Indian Sandalwood, Patchouli, Himalayan Spikenard, Cade Wood

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