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Everyday a cup of matcha tea

Three burning of oud

A lighting candle

“The Great Mirror of Beauties:

Son of an Amorous Man”

by Saikaku Ihara (1684)

R Y O K O boutique 


We believe luxury, is about time and attention. We consider ourselves rich when we can give ourselves these two gifts. Through mindfully performed rituals we deepen our connection, sharpen and find a better appreciation of our senses. By setting aside time to fully acknowledge being in our body, or simply being, we can find a little more joy and celebration of life in the present moment. 

Our ancestors across the globe have long understood the possibility of finding peace and enjoyment through bringing full attention to daily rituals. In times when resources were not as plentiful, acts and objects that provided the opportunity to return to the body or to be in the moment were a symbol of luxury and highly revered.

Our collection of soulful objects can aid you in this practice. These organic, hand-made objects carry the imprint of their creators, expressing their true uniqueness and the care and attention that went into making them. We describe them as having a ‘soul-living-in’ property. 

Equally, our products from the natural world, give us the opportunity to appreciate that which already exists and experience the pleasure nature has to offers us. For example, by tuning in to the different tones that can be found in natural incenses we can switch off from the outside world and switch on reconnect to our inner world.

The story of how each item came to be and how it found its place in our Boutique, illustrate our dedication to promote sustainable production methods and celebrate the skill of craftsmanship. We invite you to visit our Boutique and gratify your senses through our carefully curated selection.

RYOKO boutique
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