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Our Perfume Creation and Philosophy

Our perfumes are developed though great personal exploration and attention to detail. 


We use only natural ingredients; such as essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts, tinctures and organic vegetal alcohol. It is important to us that they are free of any synthetic substances that could have a disruptive effect on your physiology. 

These Scents are dynamic and therapeutic and designed to be worn according to your mood, intuition, mental condition or hormonal status. 

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Therapeutic, Non Toxic 100% Natural Eau de Parfum

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As a remedial massage, beauty and aroma-therapist, it is fundamental to my beliefs and practice that I create scents derived from all natural ingredients. 


Therapeutic essential oils are a central component in my perfumes, as these contain the souls of the botanicals from which they are extracted and have powerful healing and soothing qualities. 


As a result RYOKO perfumes are non-toxic and can in a sense, be considered alive. These natural perfumes will harmonise with your natural body scent and attune your mind-body condition.

Precious Natural Resources 

We believe the price of a perfume should be a reflection of the quality of the ingredients and the skill involved in its creation. 


We appreciate the value of all natural ingredients in our products. They are true gifts from nature, limited, to be treasured and costly to source.


For this reason, our perfumes are made in limited batches. Our  pricing  is  an honest reflection of the quality and purity of the ingredients we use, in vast contrast to the commercial perfume industry, dominated by synthetic scents.


Reusable Porcelain Flacon


In balance with our values our perfume containers, while still being aesthetically pleasing, are simple and sustainable.


As an option, you can store your perfume in one of our unique, sculpture-like, handcrafted vessels. Decant or refill your favourite perfume into a timeless and elegant flacon, created by, berlin based ceramicist, Cuze. 

By reviving the age-old idea of a reusable flacon, we manifest our dedication to sustainability and appreciation of skilled craftsmanship. 

Therapeutic Olfactory Experience


Smell evokes memories and emotions even before we are aware of it. It is deeply personal and truly unique experience. 

When scent is inhaled, the odour molecules travel to the part of the brain, called our limbic system, which is responsible for one's memories and emotions. 


It then stimulates the pituitary gland to release hormones, which in turn affect our autonomic nervous system; the complex network of nerves that regulate the body’s unconscious actions such as heart rate, blood pressure, digestion and more. 


Not only does this system regulate many physical functions in our body, it maintains our homeostasis, in other words our balance.


Natural Perfume

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