Our Perfume Creation and Philosophy

The sense of smell


The most illogical, personal and intuitive human sense.

It has the capability to comfort us and to warn us, as well as suddenly transporting us to a particular time and place in our past. 


It shapes our moods, our behaviour and decisions and yet we barely pay attention in our conscious lives.

100% Natural

Eau de Parfum

We create perfumes from all-natural ingredients such as essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts, tinctures and organic vegetal alcohol. It contains no synthetics which disturb our body system.

As a remedial massage, - beauty, -  aroma - therapist, creating scents from all natural ingredients, especially using therapeutic essential oils is fundamental as we see the soul of the vegetations within the essential oils.


Thus our perfumes are non-toxic or rather alive, and scents are harmonising according to one's own body smell.  

These dynamic perfumes are therapeutic, worn for yourself according to your mood, intuition, mental condition as well as hormonal status.

Hand-crafted in Berlin, Germany.


Natural Resources 

Our perfume ingredients are all natural, super precious and honest, some are very rare. 


Therefore, in our philosophy and opposed to the mass perfume industry, the price of a perfume should reflect in the ingredients, the skilled and fine creation. Whereas the bottle should be simple and sustainable.


Porcelain Flacon

Optionally, you can add a unique, sculpture-like handcrafted flacon of your choice.


Refill your perfume in a timeless and elegant flacon, created by Cuze, Berlin based Japanese ceramicist.

By reviving the idea of reusable porcelain perfume flacons which was common in old times, we manifest a dedication to sustainability and an appreciation of craftsmanship. 

Therapeutic Olfactory Experience



Smell evokes memories and emotions even before we are aware of it. It is deeply personal; a truly unique experience. 

When scent is inhaled, the odour molecules directly travel up the part of the brain, which is called our limbic system, responsible for one's memories and emotions.


It stimulates then master gland to release hormones, which in turn affect our autonomic nervous system; the complex network of nerves that regulate the body’s unconscious actions such as heart rate, blood pressure, digestion and more.


Not only does this system regulate many physical functions in our body, it maintains our homeostasis, in other words our balance.

Natural Perfume

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