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Refillable Solid Perfume In Collaboration With Kreislauf


Our solid perfume, exclusively formulated with 100% natural ingredients, featuring therapeutic-grade essential oils, is hand-poured into a walnut wood box. 


At the heart of our creation lies the meticulous craftsmanship of Kreislauf, a Berlin-based duo of woodworking artisans comprising two brothers. They skilfully handcraft each wooden box using reclaimed, premium wood, reflecting their dedication to sustainability and waste reduction. 


Designed for refillability, after use, kindly bring the detachable inner case to our Berlin boutique for a convenient refill, ensuring a seamless cycle of reuse.


Volume: 10 ml

Made in Germany



[ Scent : Pure Oud Pang Sida ]


Entering with an immediate sparkling fruity brightness, this special oud from Pang Sida in south Thailand will take you on a very unique olfactory journey. 

Its top note is singing like a bird, followed by elegant neroli-like sweetness and equable floral notes. This marriage lifts your spirits and inspires you into another dimension. Let yourself be conected with mother nature your ancestors, and yourself. 



* We equally offer other two scent variations, Scent 02, 11 available - other scents from our perfume collection are also possible through made-to-order which takes 2-3 weeks. Please contact us at



Refillable Pure Oud Solid Perfume in Handcrafted Walnut Wooden Box by Kreislauf

  • Kindly bring the detachable inner case to our Berlin boutique (or send it to us by post) for a convenient refill which costs € 140,- euros

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