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Chinese Tea 

For its melodious fragrances

The Chinese teas take you on an olfactory journey, with its top note presenting an prelude, followed by the heart note that unfolds on your month, and finally, the lingering bottom note, or "余韻," which leaves a delightful trail of sensation.

Indulge your senses in the enchanting vast world of Chinese teas that are curated by the tea practitioner Lin Wang.

Phoenix Dancong Oolong

It stands out as a true gem, with its nickname "perfume in tea”, suggesting that the tea is not just a beverage but also an olfactory delight.

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Fo those who appreciate fine fragrances, our exquisite treasure box which includes two distinct Phoenix Dancong teas and an elegant porcelain gaiwan, serves as an ideal introduction to the Chinese tea.

Wild Gushu Hongcha

Tea leaves harvested from ancient wild trees, thriving for over 300 years in the high-altitude (1500-1800m) region of Menghai, Yunnan, offer a tea experience with a captivating array of flavours.

Baiya Qilan Oolong

Renowned for its distinct orchid aroma, Baiya Qilan Oolong harmoniously combining the fresh qualities of green tea with the intricate character of Oolong

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