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At RYOKO, years of study and a deep appreciation of the skin have led to the creation of our products.


We understand that the skin is a barometer; it is a true reflexion of our condition. Rather than hide or misinterpret the signs or problems which appear on the skin surface, we offer in-depth natural skin care products, combining aromatherapy, plant and flower sourced ingredients, which treats holistically mind, body and spirit.


The skin is breathing and what products are put on the skin will be absorbed into the skin. With this is mind, all our products are made of natural ingredients. They contain no parabens, no petroleum, stabilising chemicals nor synthetic scents. They contain botanical essences from essential oils or absolute, the ‘soul’ of plants. And the only animals they have been tested on are humans!

Aromatherapy inspired products


In our products, we combine our knowledge of the importance of the olfactory sense in it’s healing potential.


When scent is inhaled, the odour molecules directly travel up the part of the brain, which is called our limbic system. It stimulates then master gland to release hormones, which in turn affect our autonomic nervous system; the complex network of nerves that regulate the body’s unconscious actions such as heart rate, blood pressure, digestion and more.


Not only does this system regulate many physical functions in our body, it maintains our homeostasis, in other words our balance. However, when our nervous system is overwhelmed by stress it is unable to function with ease, often resulting in dis-ease. Calm and relaxation can be restored to our body, via our autonomic nervous system. And it is with the careful consideration of all these factors that our skin care range has been designed.

Role of the skin


The skin. The largest organ. The only organ not protected by the skeleton. In fact, the skin is the protector. The intricate layering of cells is a true marvel to behold, covering all components of our body – muscles, bones, the complex network of nerves and our internal organs. This protective shield provides a barrier to the outside world, defending us against harmful things every day. For this reason, it is integral to pay care and attention to it, understand its role and importance and by taking better care of our skin, boosting its capabilities to support us in our physical and emotional health.


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