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Shidō 始動

Everyday Essential Spray in collaboration with PRESENT

Fresh | Woody | Green

Composed of 100% natural ingredients : Japanese hinoki (cypress) and himalayan cedar which give you growths and grounding by supporting your emotion. Both have been sacred since ancient times; the one in Shinto and the other one in Hindu offering strength and a high label of spirituality.


Freshness of Japanese herb Shiso brings revitalization, while sharpness of hyssop stimulates creativity by purifying blockages.


This  scent will inspire you to a conscious start and creative movement after its name "Shidō" 始動 which means in Japanese : starting, activation and movement.


100% Natural Ingredients
50 ml / 1.7 Fl oz Spray
Hand-crafted in Germany

Ambient Scent : Shidō 50ml

  • Spray anytime you wish. They are highly concentrated, one or two sprays is enough for a large room. 

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