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Olfactory Holistic Treatment

For Mind-Body-Spirit

Our olfactory treatments harness the benefits of aromatherapy through essential oils, which are concentrated botanical essences, extracted from plants, flowers, fruits, leaves, roots, resins and woods.


These essential oils, which we consider the elevated consciousness or 'souls' of plants, are vibrant, living compounds with profound healing qualities.​

Each essential oil has an individual and complex combination of elements that interact with the body's chemistry. They have the ability to affect emotions; via our sense of smell, as well as certain organs and bodily systems; via the bloodstream, when applied directly to the skin.

Our olfactory products support you on a pharmacological, physiological and psychological level, bringing you into balance and harmony. They are made of all natural ingredients and contain no parabens, petroleum, nor stabilising chemicals.





Bitter Orange


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Forest Bathing

Enter a forest and take a deep breath. 
Surrender and let the energy flow though you. Be one with the forest and extend your roots. Trees offer protection when in their presence, breathing their essence grounds and heals you.

Mother Nature embraces and supports you by teaching you truth and resilience, soothing away emotional uncertainties. Let mental exhaustion fade and sleep restore you.



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Close your eyes, greet each sensation and digest each emotion. Let your mind be still. Have faith in the light at the end of the tunnel. Allow this reassurance to sweep over you.

Reconnect to the earth and rebuild your inner tranquillity. Recognising yourself, you feel your power and stand on your own two feet. You awaken refreshed and recharged.

Fullmoon Balancing



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Ho Wood

Clary Sage

Sweet Orange


Jump into an unknown sea, an endless blue.

You are a part of nature. Your body is floating, a gentle feeling of forgiveness comes to say hello.

Look! Today is a full moon. Its roundness promotes a sense of balance, regeneration and sweetness. You are open to new adventures...

Good-Bye Stress

Good-Bye Stress

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Ylang Ylang


Sweet Orange


Imagine a sunny day. Watering plants on your balcony. A happy bluebird sings, it’s calm outside. The sun is an elixir.

The warm sweet air heals your heart and soothes your soul, embracing the essence of you. Gently transforming… you sleep… you wake up, anxiety and stress are dissolved.

Olfactory Treatment

Skin Care