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Invisible ceremony is an olfactory series that offers a multi-layered sensory experience, which unfolds like a hidden ritual, inviting you to explore its depths and discover its secrets with each inhalation.


The scent 10 is both timeless and evocative, a harmonious blend of rich spices, ancient incense rituals, earthy depths, and the serenity of nature, weaving an inspiring narrative for the senses to explore.


The scent unfolds with a captivating opening note - warm and spicy clove, alongside cardamom, reminiscent of sweet, woody undertones with a subtle fruity nuance. As the scent develops, sage and rosemary step in, infusing it with a fresh and herbaceous character. Their vibrant green presence imparts a cleansing and invigorating quality.


In the heart of this olfactory journey lies a yang energy, driven by the presence of myrrh. Myrrh introduces an earthy and resinous balsamic ambient, evoking ancient incense rituals. This element carries a profound, almost mystical resonance from times long past. Complementing this is the leathery richness of tobacco, which warms the heart of the fragrance, further enhancing its complexity. The woody and sharp essence of red cedar and clean pine emerge, reminiscent of a pristine forest. Its slightly smoky undertone lends a sense of depth and grounding, ensuring a strong and enduring presence. 


In parallel, spikenard, traditionally used in Eastern medicine, contributes a deep, earthy, and musky base, offering a touch of oriental nostalgia. It evokes the serene energy of old Buddhist temples hidden within the depths of a profound forest, inviting contemplation and reverence.


Invisible Ceremony : SCENT 10

  • Top Notes:  Clove, Sage, Cardamom, Rosemary
    Heart Notes:  Red Cedar, Scots Pine, Tobacco
    Base Notes:  Myrrh, Himalayan Spikenard

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