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Indirect Incense

The word "perfume" originates from the Latin word ‘per-fumum’, meaning "through smoke". Most ancient civilisations were fascinated by the wonder and healing powers of natural incense and used them for their therapeutic or spiritual benefits, either during sacred rituals or for pure aromatic pleasure. ​


Through listening to the different tones that can be found in natural incense we can switch off from the outside world and tune in to our inner world. ​


Kobako : Indirect Incense Per-fumum Set

The world of incense and its benefits are now at your feet. May the reason be: spiritual, ceremonial or therapeutical. With our careful curation, Kobako set offers an uncomplicated way for you to get started into your incense ritual


Natural Incense

Pick out natural incenses according to your mood, therapeutic needs, or even your intuition. All our incenses are 100% natural and have been collected in an ecological and ethical manner.


Incense Burners & Storage

Our unique burners and accessories are handcrafted in collaboration with various artists or selected from Japanese antique


Japanese Charcoal and Kodo Incense Utensils

Kodo utensils including mica plate are used especially when oud (agarwood) is burnt with Monko Japanese method.

Check for further information on 'How to burn'

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