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Per-fumum / complete incense set

The world of scent and its many benefits is to your feet now ; may the reason be: spiritual, ceremonial or therapeutical. Master the art of scent.

The box contains :

- Frankincense Resins
- Palo Santo Woodchips
- Copal Resins
- White Sage Leaves
- Japanese Matches
- Japanese Ashes
- Japanese Charcoal 16 pieces
- Tweezers
- Instruction

--> How to burn natural incense




Incense burner, storage and other accessories are not included in this box.


A.  Our original ceramic burners in collaboration with a Berlin-based ceramicist Saeam Kwon are available with size/design variations.


B. Sculptured ceramic burners handcrafted by Kirsten Landwehr are available in limited editions.




SKU: 0102
  • 1 - Light a candle with matches.


    2 - Burn the edge of a charcoal with the candle while holding it with the  tweezers. It will take 3-5 minutes until the charcoal is ready when it gets nicely hot and red.


    3 - Put some ashes into a ceramic bowl, and place the hot charcoal onto the ashes.


    4- Put a small amount of frankincense or myrrh, or white sage next to or directly on top of the hot charcoal. It starts releasing its scent and produce smoke.


    Find your personal way into the art of scent. Enjoy!


    * In contrary of this method above, to use the palo santo stick, directly light it with matches, then blow the flame out.

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