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In collaboration with the Korean ceramic artist SÆAM KWON, our original incense lidded burner is created for an indirect-incense to enjoy the art of incense.

They are hand-crafted at her Berlin studio with wheel throwing technique, available in two colors, and in two sizes.

It can be also used as a jar for salt, suger, spices, or even tea/incense canister.



Artist : SÆAM KWON

Material : Stoneware

Color : Matt black (unglazed) or steel blue (glazed)


Dimensions :

S_ Diameter approx. 5.5-6 cm / Height approx. 7 cm

M_ Diameter approx. 8 cm / Height approx. 7 cm


Handmade in Berlin



* You can purchase our Kobako II. as well as incense accessories seen in the picture for the complete incense ceremoney. 

* Oud and other natural resins are also available.

* Each piece is one of a kind and the shape/size may slightly vary. We guarantee however, that ones we stock is aesthetically satisfying. We hope you appreciate its encounter and uniqueness.


Lidded Incense Burner by SÆAM KWON


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