New Arrivals

Japanese Craft

Sōetsu Yanagi (the founder of 'Mingei', the folk art movement in the 20's in Japan) recognised the beauty in ordinary and utilitarian objects. They are mostly created by unknown craftsman, and are practical for  everyday uses. 

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Pure Oud


: Concentrated Essential Oil and Mist

Often referred to as 'liquid gold', oud (oudh/agarwood) is a resinous wood, one of the most precious raw materials in nature. We carefully selected two types of highest quality pure ouds - the scents of Nirvana.

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Wild Cambodian Oud

Pang Sida Thai Oud

Ceramic Art Pieces

by Ludmilla Balkis


Irregular and imperfect shapes that are almost dancing, a celebration of wabi-sabi aesthetics. These soulful objects are all telling their own stories.