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T R E A S U R E   B O X



Contains :

- 1 x large size (Diameter 6.8 cm x H 3.2 cm) "Buenos Diyas" oil lamp vessel made of brass

- 1 x 100% Natural scented oil I. Ensoul 100 ml

- Around 30 piecs of cotton wicks 

- 1 x White sage smudge


This timeless brass oil lamp vessel are crafted by Casegoods and their skilled artisans. It is traditionally used to cleanse and celebrate at home or in the Indian temple - for Agni, the god of fire.   


RYOKO formulated 100% natural plant-based diya oil with therapeutic essential oils: Scent I. purifying sage, sacred myrrh, energising basil and peace-inducing patchouli.

Light up your space, dive into the scents and cleanse your aura and surroundings. 


* 2 x small "Buenos Diyas" oil vessels are also available in another treasure box


AGNI Treasure Box I.

  • Pour the oil into the diya. Place a piece of cotton wick with the end pointing up and out of the oil. Allow for the wick to absorb the oil for a few minutes before lighting it.

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