T R E A S U R E   B O X



Contains :

- Diya oil lamp 1 piece large size (Diameter 6.8 cm x H 3.2 cm)

- 100% Natural scented oil I. Ensoul 100 ml

- Cotton wicks 20 pieces

- A white sage smudge


This timeless brass diyas are hand-crafted by skilled Indian artisans and are traditionally used to cleanse and celebrate at home or in the temple - with Agni, the god of fire.   


RYOKO formulated 100% natural plant-based diya oil with therapeutic essential oils: Scent I. purifying sage, sacred myrrh, energising basil and peace-inducing patchouli.

Light up your space, dive into the scents and cleanse your aura and surroundings. 




  • Pour the oil into the diya. Place a piece of cotton wick with the end pointing up and out of the oil. Allow for the wick to absorb the oil for a few minutes before lighting it.