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Essential Oil

Essential oils contain the souls of the botanicals from which they are extracted and have powerful healing and soothing qualities.   


Inhaled scents travel to the limbic system, triggering the pituitary gland to release hormones that influence the autonomic nervous system, governing vital functions and maintaining balance in the mind and body.


La Note : Essential Oil Blend

In the perfume industry, scents are categorised into three pyramid notes based on their volatility order: Top note, heart note, and bottom note, reflecting connections to chakras in aromatherapy.

Explore our distinctive blends, each crafted to balance your emotions and support your daily life.

La Note De Tête 01


Immediately energises and

emotionally supports you,

brights your mood, frees your spirit

and encourages a new chapter of your life

La Note De Tête 02


Acts as a mood booster; 

soothes your mind and emotions, revitalises and brights your spirit 

as well as recharges your energy

La Note De Cœur 01


Gently facilitates the opening of

your heart chakra;

nurturing emotions of love,

forgiveness, and compassion. 

It also provides comforting assistance
during the journey of healing
 from emotional challenges such as heartbreak or grief

La Note De Fond

La Note De Cœur

La Note
De Tête

La Note De Fond 01


Provides grounding nurtures self-awareness

and reconnecting you with your true self.

It also instills a sense of stability

bolsters confidence by clarifying your core,

particularly in times of adversity.


Month of : Single Plant's Essential Oi

Celebrate the beauty of nature's scents by highlighting a specific olfactory plant

Japanese Shiso Herb

With layers of freshness and refinement with a basil-like delightful greenness, an elegant complexity and an uplifting bergamot resemblant note, the precious essential oil of Japanese Shiso herb works great for refreshing by bringing concentration, helping with motion sickness, balancing and recharging your energy especially after being sick or depressed and supporting your emotion.

Japanese Hiba Cypress

Fresh and woody, the scent of Hiba cypress is known for its calming and relaxing effect and has a soothing quality that can promote a sense of tranquility and grounding. 


Hydration Sound x Scent

A unique sensory-experience cross-over where sound smell and scent sing...

Hydration is an album that was created by Hiroshima based Japanese sound artist Tenka, and RYOKO interpreted his music into an olfactory landscape by harmonising 13 botanical essences.

With a layer of fresh, vivid and green notes of camphor tree, sage and basil, the scent offers a sound of blessing rain. Woody and wet, profound but comfort, Japanese Hiba cypress and juniper berry promise a growth and reconciliation with yourself, while earthy undertones of grounding vetiver and warm cedar tree add a depth to the serenity.


Discovering the olfactory delights

A guide to embracing the magic of essential oils

I. With Ceramic Aroma Diffuser

Handcrafted by Kirsten Landwehr / KL Keramik

Adding hot water and a few drops of essential oils allows these handmade vessels to diffuse scents throughout your room, pleasing all your senses.

II. With Ceramic Aroma Plate

Handcrafted by atelier RYOKO

Enhance your space effortlessly by adding a few drops of essential oils to the unglazed ceramic plate for a delightful diffusion of scents in your surroundings.

We also provide a combination of an aroma plate and our La Note series to be your daily companion, inspiring you, refreshing your senses, and recharging your inner strength.

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