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Dragon Blood & White Sage Smudge

White Sage coated with Dragon's Blood resin

100% Pure and Natural 


Dragon blood is a resin which has been used since ancient times as a medicine, incense, and dye also for rituals.


Traditionally used externally as a wash to promote healing of wounds and to stop bleeding. Internally chest pains, internal traumas and menstrual irregularities are treated.

It has also an antiviral property and good for the respiratory system.


White sage is the one of the most powerful cleansers for people, space and objects, white sage offers antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties.

It also helps ground you and create an awareness.

Traditionally used by north american indigenous for their rituals and medicines.


[ Therapeutic Use ]

The smoke is used to bless, protect, cleanse and heal the person or object. 


[ Size ]

Approx. 11-12cm long 

Dragon Blood & White Sage

  • Cleansing | Loving | Healing

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