Per-fumum / Firestarter SetTake your moment, settle down, let the holy smoke, harmonize you and your environment.


The box contains :

- Japanese Matches

- Japanese Ashes

- Japanese Charcoal 16 pieces

- Tweezers

- Instruction


--> How to burn natural incense



Incense burner is not included in this box. Our original porcelain burners handmade by Cuze are available with a size/design variation.

I. Koro

II. Koro Cylinder


SKU: 0103
  • 1- Light a candle with matches.


    2 - Burn the edge of a charcoal with the candle while holding it with the  tweezers. It will take 3-5 minutes until the charcoal is ready when it gets nicely hot and red.


    3 - Put some ashes into a ceramic bowl, and place the hot charcoal onto the ashes.


    4 - Put a small amount of natural incenses (not included in this box) next to or directly on top of the hot charcoal. It starts releasing its scent and produce smoke.


    Find your personal way into the art of scent. Enjoy!