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Botanical Oil Treatment : Fullmoon Balancing

Herbaceous | Floral | Citrus


Komenuka (rice bran) is one of the Japanese beauty rituals for centuries. Rich in vitamins E and B, this oil has an excellent anti-aging property due to its powerful antioxidants.


Blend with grape seed oil which is also rich in Vitamin E, this oil deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin leaving it silky soft without being greasy. It also promotes a sense of balance and helps reduce stress.


100% Natural Ingredients
50 ml / 1.7 Fl oz
Hand-crafted in Germany

Botanical Oil Treatment : Fullmoon Balancing

  • A harmony of herbaceous clary sage and floral geranium, both renowned as excellent remedies for hormonal imbalances, and thus they are saviours to women in modern society. A gentleness of ho wood and the clearness of sweet orange provide an additional uplifting quality, to brighten your sprit.

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