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Pulse Points Treatment : Fullmoon Balancing

Herbaceous | Floral | Citrus


A harmony of herbaceous clary sage and floral geranium, both renowned as excellent remedies for hormonal imbalances, and thus they are saviours to women in modern society. A gentleness of ho wood and the clearness of sweet orange provide an additional uplifting quality, to brighten your sprit. 


100% Natural Ingredients
10 ml / 0.3 Fl oz
Hand-crafted in Germany

Pulse Points Treatment : Fullmoon Balancing

  • - As a pulse points therapy:  apply one or two drops onto the temples, neck, behind ears, or on the wrists

    - As a bath oil:  add a few drops into bathtub

    - To personalize your skin care:  add a few drops in your cleansing oil

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