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The perception of scent is profoundly personal, intimately linked to our individual memories and emotions through the limbic system. It's a completely subjective experience, and we can never truly fathom the unique scents others encounter.

Voyage Dans Le Temps is a tribute to the intricacies of olfactory perception.



Scent 06 welcomes you with a fresh and joyful burst of top notes, reminiscent of hay and coriander. This olfactory journey continues through a green, airy, and grassy landscape, gradually evolving into a delightful forest-like realm, characterised by woody and mossy nuances. 


In the heart of this composition, two distinct cedar tree essences take centre stage, imparting sharp, woody, and subtly spicy qualities. These key ingredients are further enhanced by a delicate touch of oak moss, and an exceptional allure of Indian sandalwood, a true treasure among precious raw materials. Their presence infuses the scent with an aura of serenity and peacefulness, ultimately creating a layer that beautifully captures the image of a tranquil forest adventure.

Voyage Dans Le Temps : SCENT 06

  • Top Notes:  Austrian Hay, Coriander

    Heart Notes:  Red Cedar, Clary Sage

    Base Notes:  Indian Sandalwood, Oakmoss

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