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Invisible ceremony is an olfactory series that offers a multi-layered sensory experience, which unfolds like a hidden ritual, inviting you to explore its depths and discover its secrets with each inhalation.


The opening note of Scent 12  features basil with its green and vivid freshness, evoking a herbaceous aspect. Alongside basil, black pepper and pimento berry, also known as allspice, provide an inspiring warmly spiced kick to the accord, creating a vibrant and energetic aura.


Neroli with its floral sophisticated, sweet and citrusy touches, contributing a delicate and uplifting dimension to the composition. A sharp woody presence that red cedar offers, exudes strength, conjuring images of wild forest landscapes.


Together with the grounding quality of spikenard emerges, introducing an earthy subtle muskiness that adds a profound sense of depth and uniqueness to the overall olfactory experience.


Invisible Ceremony : SCENT 12

  • Top Notes:  Black Pepper, Sweet Basil, 

    Heart Notes:  Neroli, Red Cedar, Juniper Berry

    Base Notes:  Himalayan Spikenard, Indian Sandalwood, Copaiba Balsam

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