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Berlin-based ceramicist Wendy Taylor has skillfully handcrafted these compact yet elegant objects, serving as modern altars for burning incense cones, designed to elevate your daily incense experience.


Each plate features a raised base, creating the illusion of floating in the air, thus transforming them into sacred stages for your incense ceremony. Taylor's signature blend of functionality and sculptural aesthetics achieves a harmonious balance, merging the architectural essence of materials with a tactile warmth that offers intimate moments.



Artist : Wendy Taylor

Material : Stoneware 

Dimensions :  7.5 x 7.5 x H 1 cm

Colour : Off white, Black, White&Grey

Handcrafted in Berlin



[ About Wendy Taylor ]

Her practice includes both hand-building with slabs and wheel throwing, exploring texture, surface and form. Thinking and moving between revolutions and angular construction, these somewhat opposing methods creates for her a balance of making.


Ceramic Altar for Incense Cone by Wendy Taylor


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