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Inspired by Zuko, a Japanese Buddhism tradition, our powder perfume is a blend of natural ingredients and 19 therapeutical essences.


To apply take a small amount of powder into your palms, rub your bands together, open your hands in front of your face and take a deep breath. Then disperse the powder over your neck and décolleté. Repeat this beautiful ritual whenever required.


[ Main Scent : Voyage de Senteur ]

Palo Santo | Sandalwood | Seaweed | Basil | Juniper Berry | Hiba | Frankincense


[ Size For Porcelain Case ]

Approx. D 7.5cm  H 3-4cm


[ Optional Variation ]

I. with a porcelain mini flacon hand-crafted by Japanese ceramicist Cuze

II. refill packaged in paper (without case)


[ Please Note ]


- This powder perfume is designed for a more immediate effect on your sense of smell and will fade much quicker than our alcohol-based eau de parfum.

If you would prefer a scent/perfume that lingers longer on your skin, we recommend you choose our eau de parfum.


- As the porcelain cases are hand crafted, each piece is unique and the shape/motif may vary. If you would prefer to choose personally from our current stock, please write to us at


Powder Perfume with Porcelain Case

  • Organic Maranta Arundinacea Root Extract, Organic Oriza Sativa Starch, Organic Zea Mays Starch, Sericite, Natural Fragrances

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