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T R E A S U R E   B O X

Oyasumi Night Ritual


The box contains :

- Oyasumi Eye Pillow 

- All- Natural Good-bye Stress Ambient Scent 30 ml / 1 Fl oz 



[ Oyasumi Eye Pillow ]


Filled with organic Azuki beans, used traditionally in Japan. 

The Oyasumi eye pillow has a comfortable weight that gently massages acupressure points, releasing muscle tension and bringing relief to tired eyes. It also helps to reduce puffiness and soothes the nervous system, thus relieving stress and anxiety for better sleep. 


This is an excellent home remedy for overworked eyes, especially when the pillow is heated and the ambient scent is applied. It is also perfect for use in a Savasana meditation practice. 


Every step of the production process is carried out by hand in Berlin, with stitching expertly done by our skilled Japanese tailor.


: Material

100% Linen (outer), 100% Cotton (inner) filled with 100% Organic Azuki Bean 


: Colour 

Dark marine blue


Handmade in Berlin




[ Good-Bye Stress Ambient Scent ]


It contains a generous note of exotic ylang ylang flower, which acts to open your heart and restore faith throughout the dark winter months, alongside a fresh note of sweet orange and lavender. Lavender is a beloved all round healer and true elixir, which has the ability to support us in numerous ways. Together this blend helps soothing your discomfort and returns you to a place of peace and harmony.


We create ambient scent (home fragrance) from all natural ingredients with organic alcohol and essential oils which are often referred to as the ‘soul’ of plants. They are known to have profound effects on our well-being. 

High concentrated, one or two sprays is enough for a large room. 

Made in Berlin

OYASUMI Night Ritual Treasure Box

  • • As a daily ritual, place the pillow over your eye area 

    • For added aromatherapy, spray our ambient scent on the eye pillow. Please avoid direct skin/eye contact with the scent. We recommend spraying on the opposite side of the pillow or interior and waiting a couple of minutes until the alcohol evaporates. 

    • For a warm compress, remove the outer cover and heat the inner in an oven, (approx. five minutes, at 100 degrees Celsius). 

    • The removable pillowcase can be washed.

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