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In collaboration with the Korean ceramic artist SÆAM KWON, our original incense burner "Module" is now availalbe!


With the countless hours of researches and experimental developments over a year, we are delighted to present the ultimate burner set which pleases all our senses with simplicity yet elegant aesthetics of mat black and meditating steel blue. 


Perfect specially for natural pure Oud  — just warming a tiny piece of Oud on the ceramic plate over the heat. Thus gently releasing its pure scent without being burned directly. A clean and elegant indirect type of diffusing the magical scents. This is the way Oud deserves it — slow and sustainable vaporizing and controlling the heat. 


It offers different options as well : on the other plate you can equally enjoy different resins/woods with the traditional Japanese incense ‘soradaki’ method using charcoal and ash. 



[ The set includes ]


1 x Large tray / Black / Diameter 25cm 

1 x 'House' Burner  / Black / Diameter 8cm x H 7.5cm

2 x Plates / Black / Diameter 9-10cm

3 x Small Incense Cases / Steel blue / Diameter 4.5cm

1 x Candle holder / Steel blue / Diameter 4.5cm



* Candle is not included. Any tea candle can be fitted.


* All are carefully hand-crafted from ceramic, in her studio in Berlin with wheel throwing technique.


* Each piece is one of a kind and the shape/size may slightly vary. We guarantee however, that ones we stock is aesthetically satisfying. We hope you appreciate its encounter and uniqueness.


* You can purchase our Kobako II. for the complete incense ceremoney. 


Oud and other resins/incenses are also available

Incense Burner "Module" by SÆAM KWON

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