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Japanese Hiba Wood (Thujopsis)

100% Pure & Natural


Hiba is a tree in the cypress family, native to and is one of the three most elegant tree species in Japan. It grows slowly in Aomori within a beautiful environment.

As it has high antibacterial and insect-repelling properties, Hiba's timber is also used for building shrines and temples. 

Chemical substances such as the Hinokitiol andβ-Dolabrin include in the Hiba contain antibacterial, insect-repelling, deodorizing, and relaxing effects.


[ Scent ]

Woody, Little spicy, Sharp


[ Country of Origin ]



[ Content ]

20 g / 50g


[ How to Use ]

- Burn them with our 03/ KOBAKO PER-FUMUM III set



Incense burner is not included in this box. Our original porcelain burners handmade by Cuze are available with a size/design variation.

I. Koro

II. Koro Cylinder


Natural Incense : Japanese Hiba


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