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Saturday Tearoom | Tea with Lin | RYOKO senses salon | Chinese Tea Ceremony | Gong cha
Zazen Zen Meditation | RYOKO senses salon | Berlin
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Tea with Lin

Saturday Tearoom 

Tea with Lin


It (Teaism) is essentially a worship of the Imperfect, as it is a tender attempt to accomplish something possible in this impossible thing we know as life.

-- By Okakura Kakuzō "The Book of Tea" (1906)

Tea began thousands of years ago as a medicine and grew into a beverage. It can seem such an insignificant thing in our daily routine that we often forget to activate our senses while drinking it.

Preparing tea in the Gongfu Cha method and savouring it, sip by sip, is a practice of slowing down, becoming aware of our surroundings, and connecting with our body in a mindful way.

In our intimate Chinese tea session, Lin carefully brews for you the finest, most delicate, whole leaf tea from China and Taiwan. With her warm, tender persona and her passion and understanding of tea, this sensory experience will transport you and let your mind unwind before sending you off with love and protection.

[ Details ]

I. Private sessions on Saturdays at RYOKO
Please contact us for scheduling at
We are happy to arrange the date according to your preferences.

180,- euros per session, for up to four participants of your choosing.

With a duration of 1.5 hours including sweets


II. For openings, vernissage, weddings, birthday parties etc. at your home/office or likewise

We are also happy to come to your place to celebrate your special events!

Please contact us for scheduling at

[ Reservation ]
Your reservation will be completed only after the full amount of payment has been transferred.


[ Cancellation ]
In case you are unable to attend the tea ceremony, we kindly ask you to please organise a replacement yourself, as your spot is fully transferable. We will also do our best to replace, but if we are unable, please understand that no refunds can be given due to the shortage of time and our limited team size. Thank you.



Saturday Tearoom | Tea with Lin | RYOKO senses salon | Chinese Tea Ceremony | Gong cha

[ About Lin Wang ]

Lin's role as a tea practitioner and facilitator involves sharing her extensive knowledge and stories about tea while creating a serene and welcoming atmosphere.


Through her gentle presence, Lin guides participants on a sensory journey during her tea sessions, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the experience. Her profound knowledge of tea likely includes a deep understanding of various tea types, origins, and brewing techniques.


She creates an intimate and precious moment, offers a memorable and transformative experience, and fosters a sense of connection and tranquility among the participants.


Zazen : Zen Meditation

By Zen Dojo Jūjisan



Since February 2016, Zazen Dojo Jūjisan has moved into our space and practice zazen twice a week. The Jūjisan-Dojo is a small group, which was founded in Kreuzberg on Reichenberger Straße in 1997. They follow the tradition of the Zen-Dōjō, but are not connected to any particular organisation. Their main practice is zazen, sitting zen meditation.

You are welcome to participate the zazen. There is a small participating fee (either par session of 4,- euros, or monthly).

[ Schedule ]
Every Sunday at 11:00 and Every Wednesday at 19:30

[ What to bring ]
Dark convenient clothes

* It starts on time, so arrive at least 10 minutes before.

* If the zazen is new to you, thank you for getting in touch in advance at - The introduction for the beginners takes place by email registration on the first Sunday of the month.

Contact for further information at

Zazen Zen Meditation | RYOKO senses salon | Berlin
Past Salon
RYOKO senses salon

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