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"I strongly believe in following the form of the wood and it’s natural characteristics. I always try and leave a small flaw or naturalness to the finished pieces. Perfection is boring." -- by Wolfgang Ablasz


Artist : Wolfgang Ablasz

Material : Wild Cherry

Size : D 30 cm x H 4 cm 


Handmade in Germany


[ About the creation ]

Wolfgang uses only fresh green woods, meaning he doesn’t turn on dry ones. Thus, in the drying phaseeach piece can find its own unique organic form, cuts, bends and inter growth which are invited and wanted by the artist. Then starts the refining and oiling process. From turning the wood to the finished object it might take up to one year.


[ About Wolfgang Ablasz ]

He creates objects from local woods, and finds them in the old forrests that surround him in Northern Germany. He gives each piece the time needed to build its own character respecting and admiring the qualities of each type of wood, its irrepressible will for individual form.


Wild Cherry Wooden Large Bowl by Wolfgang Ablasz


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