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Simplicity and timeless elegancy combined, these irregular fine cut ceramic plates (without hole) can be used as a smudge burner.


Equally worked as an incense plate for Japanese incense sticks when combining with one of our incense holders which can be purchased here, or here.


Carefully hand crafted from clay by atelier RYOKO in Berlin.


Maker : atelier RYOKO

Material : Stoneware

Color : Black


Dimensions :

XS : Approx. 9-10cm, 6-8cm

S : Approx. 10-12 cm x 7-8 cm

M : Approx. 13-14 cm x 7-8 cm

L : Approx. 16-17cm x 8-9 cm


Due to the handmade nature of these objects, each piece is unique and the shape may vary.  If you want to see our current stocks, please contact us at - we will send you some pictures.

      Ceramic Smudge Plate I by atelier RYOKO


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