Simple and elegant, Diya oil lamps are carefully crafted with modern design, and last for a lifetime while the surface will beautifully age over time. 
Thanks to skilled artisans who carefully and ethically crafted these. Their precious knowledge, skills, and processes that existed thousands of years ago have been passed down through generations of craft and oral tradition.


4  pieces of Small Diya Lamp

Dimensions : Diameter 5 x H 2,5 cm

Cotton wicks : Approx. 140 pieces 

Material : Untreated brass and cotton wicks

Handmade in India


Our original 100% natural botanical oil for diya lamp is also available.


Diya Oil Lamp Set of 4

  • Pour plant-based oil into the diya and place a cotton wick with the end pointing up and out of the oil. Allow for the wick to absorb the oil for a few minutes before lighting it.

    Do not use any petroleum-based oils.