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Delights for

Autumn & Winter

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Treasure Boxes

Treat yourself and your loved ones with our carefully curated special gift sets

Ambient Design

Creating nice and warm space is not only the matter of furnitures and interior objects, but also of scent. We offer 100% natural non-toxic scented candles, as well as incenses and oil lapms.



A solution for our future

Sustainably and slowly created with respect for the material, the environment and the method, each object tells a unique story - gratifying all senses, reflecting the creators belief, their vision and dreams.

RYOKO by Anna-Rose Krau.jpg

Photo by Anna-Rosa Krau

Craftsmanship is a creation that enriches our mind and equally carries on the traditions. A crafted object is material, but in contrary to industrial production, it’s alive and spiritual as a result of the use of soulful natural materials and the handmade process. Energy and spirit of the makers inhibit the object.

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