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Made in the shapes of the oldest Japanese theater 'Gigaku' masks, these Japanese Sumi inks are strongly scented with precious Ryu-noh resin which has a calming effect on the mind. Its sophisticated scent will come drifting in the air.


Ryu-noh (borneol) is a precious crystallized resin used in Eastern medicine as well as in Japanese incense, this natural material is sourced from the Borneo camphor tree.  


[ Style ]

I. Deva King which symbolized health

II. Gojo Woman which symbolized beauty


23 g / each

Made in Nara, Japan


The time-consuming whole-making process takes 4 months to even a few years - it starts with burning oil lamps to collect soot which is later blended with gelatin and Ryu-noh (borneol) resin and let dry afterward.


[ How to use ]

Put a little water using a pipette into a Suzuri stone and rub the Sumi ink held vertically, softly in a circular pattern. It is recommended to start with little water, rub for a long time, and then test if the black color reaches your satisfaction.

If it is not dark enough, add a little more water and rub again. Continue this process until the desired black color is achieved. 


[ About the craftsman]

Tracing back to the 6th generation, Kinkoen was founded in Nara prefecture by the ancestor of the current master artisan, Nagano-san, now working together with his son. They have been making Sumi ink with the traditional method passed down from generation to generation. 


Japanese Scented Sumi Ink with Gigaku Theater Mask Motifs



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