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Your home is your temple. A treasure box to find olfactory pleasures, inner peace and harmony by the art of Japanese incense.


We picked out incenses which come wafting in classic Japanese temples, and included an elegant black ceramic incense burner hand-crafted by Saeam Kwon. The incenses, as well as the charcoal and ashes are pure natural and non-toxic.


The box contains :


- Ceramic Incense Burner Hand-Crafted by Saeam Kwon in Berlin 

- Japanese Charcoal 8 pieces 

- Japanese Ash 

- Tweezers 

- Sandalwood Chips 6 pieces

- Neriko Incense Balls 3 pieces

- Hiba Cypress Wood Chips 10 g

- RYOKO Incense Blend ‘Heritage’ 5 g



* How to burn natural incense 

* The large black tray seen in the picure is not included in this set. 



  • 1.  Light a candle.

    2.  Over the flame heat the edge of the charcoal, while holding it with the tweezers. It will take 3-5 minutes until the charcoal is nicely hot and aglow. It is then ready to use.

    3.  Put the ashes into a ceramic bowl, and place the hot charcoal on top of the ashes.

    4.  Place a small amount of incense next to, or directly on top of the hot charcoal. It will start releasing its scent as it begins to smoke.

    Create your own personal ritual in the art of scent. Enjoy!


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