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100% Natural Incense Cone


Our very own original incense cones offer the same exceptional ceremonial quality as our indirect-incense. This means that you can now experience the pure scent and therapeutic benefits without the need for charcoal and ash preparation.


We proudly ensure that they are handcrafted in Berlin, using only 100% natural ingredients, completely free from synthetic additives;  each ingredient undergoes a meticulous process, beginning with pulverization in a mortar and concluding with individual hand-shaping.


The box contains 10 pieces of incense cone

Burning time per piece : Approx. 15 mins

Handcrafted in Berlin



[ Scent : Vetiver ]


Vetiver, a perennial grass indigenous to India, is highly prized for its aromatic roots. Widely used in perfumery, aromatherapy, and erosion control, its deep roots produce a rich, earthy scent with hints of smoky, woody, and citrusy greenery.


Renowned for its calming and grounding effects in traditional medicine, vetiver is valued for its sedative properties, aiding in insomnia and mental exhaustion relief. It fosters a deeper connection to nature and enhances self-awareness, facilitating a return to one's authentic self.



[ IncenScape by RYOKO]


Drawing from our enduring passion and unwavering commitment to the use of natural olfactory materials such as resins and woods for the ancient art of scent, we have delved into the original meaning of 'per-fumum,' which translates to "through smoke." Since the inception of our boutique in 2015, we have been dedicated to this pursuit.


* The incense holder is not included. 

* For our inaugural launch, we also offer other threewo pure solo scents: Vietnamese Oud, Peruvian copal and Omani frankincense

Vetiver IncenScape / Incense Cone by RYOKO



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