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Artist : STUDIO MC / Jessica Coates and Michel Müller

Material : Stoneware clay, white engobe

Color : White

Handmade in Germany


[ Dimensions ]

I. H. 31 cm

II. H 28.5 cm

III. H 23.5 cm

IV. H. 37 cm

V. H. 36 cm


[ About STUDIO MC ]

Darmstadt-based STUDIO MC was founded by Jessica Coates and Michel Müller.

With their ceramic objects STUDIO MC operates sma-ll scale work that allows for play and experimentation. Working with clay, one of the most basic and versatile materials enables them a practice that embraces chance and unpredictability. Referencing primary shapes and architectural forms STUDIO MC aims to make the viewer question his expectations of an object.

Ceramic Vases by Studio MC



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