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Tea leaves harvested from ancient trees, thriving for over 300 years in the high-altitude (1500-1800m) region of Menghai, Yunnan, offer a tea experience with a captivating array of flavors.


This exquisite brew unfolds with intricate layers of rose, cape jasmine, ripe peach, and dried apricot notes. The texture is wonderfully smooth, vivid, and gracefully elegant. The lingering finish leaves an enduring impression, making it a truly exceptional tea.

This tea can withstand numerous infusions, offering delightful flavors for more than 10 brews.



Wild Gushu Hongcha



Origin:  Menghai, Yunnan

Weight:  20g

Harvested in spring 2022

Curated by tea with lin



[ Tea with Lin ]


Lin's role as a tea practitioner and facilitator revolves around the art of sharing her profound knowledge and enchanting stories about tea. Her expertise extends to curating a tranquil and hospitable ambiance during her tea ceremonies.


Lin is not only deeply engaged with the rich heritage and cherished traditions of her home country but also acts as a bridge to connect tea enthusiasts with talented artisans in China. Her efforts are dedicated to promoting the treasured world of tea and fostering meaningful connections between tea lovers and skilled tea crafters.

Wild Gushu Hongcha



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