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Shippi by Jun Hinoue


Fascinated by the textures and layered touches of Japanese urushi sap worn on leather, Japanese artist, Jun Hinoue has been experimenting this ancient wisdom called Shippi, literally meaning urushi-leather.


The origin of Shippi method can be dating back to Nara period (710-784) or even older, as the benefits and use of urushi were already known during Jōmon period (14,000-300 BC). 


Boxes made of shippi were popular in Nara period: they are recognised as national treasures, and many are well conserved until today, thanks to the urushi which is a natural sap having its antibacterial, antiseptic, insect repellent and preservative properties.



Shippi Tray / Food Plate

Made of :  Vegetable tanned leather, Wood

Coated with : Sabi-Urushi (mix of Urushi lacquer and ochre), Tin


Size :

S _ 7.5 cm × 33 cm

L _ 16.5 cm × 33 cm


Handmade in Japan



* This object is made from food quality, non-toxic all natural ingredients including dye and coating materials.


* The small accessories (tea pot, cups, incense etc) seen in the pictures are not included.



Urushi-Leather Tray / Food Plate by Jun Hinoue

  • Please do not use dishwasher or microwave. 
    Hand-wash with water using dish detergent if necessary, and dry it well in the shade.   


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