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Sri Lankan I

Wild Oud (Aquilaria malaccensis)

100% Pure & Natural


Oud (agarwood) is a resinous wood, one of the most rare and precious natural raw materials in the world.

It is formed in the heartwood of aquilaria trees when they become infected with a type of mold. As the infection progresses, the tree produces a resin in response to the attack. In result, it creates a dark resin-embedded heartwood, by taking minimum 50-60 years.


Thus, oud is special. Its scent is complex and indescribable : varies according to the ages and origins.


It has also cultural and religious significance in ancient civilizations around the world;  being described in the 1400 BC in one of the world's oldest written texts Vedas from India. In the Hebrew Bible, it is also mentioned and highly revered in Islam as well.


In Japan, oud is used in the Kodo incense ceremony. It is a symbol of spirituality as associated with Buddha, and burnt to communicate with ancestors.


Oud takes dreams far away and bring an ultimate pleasure. 


[ Country of Origin ]

Sri Lanka



Please Note:

* In order to enjoy the natural incense, burn them with our 03/ KOBAKO PER-FUMUM III set.

* For the Japanese monko style burning, its utensils are appropriated.

* For more info about the incense burning, please read here.

The porcelain burner / lidded case you can see in the picture are also available online.

Natural Incense : Sri Lankan I. Wild Oud



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