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The firing process in Anagama takes four days, which gives each piece its unique irregular finishing. His white/grey series fired in another kiln are worn layers of ash glaze, thus creating a mat archaic touch that the soil has originally got.


Artisit : Mutsumi Ohashi

Material : Ceramic

Dimensions : Diameter 9 cm x H 7.5 cm

Volume : 230 ml

Handmade in Japan


Please note that this is a handmade, therefore size, color, and shape may vary slightly. We guarantee however, that ones we stock is aesthetically satisfying. We hope you appreciate its encounter and uniqueness. If you would like to choose one, please contact us at - We are happy to send you then some pictures for the current stocks.


Yunomi cup seen in the picture is also available.



[ About Mutsumi Ohashi ]


Live and work at the foot of the Japanese alps. His works are characterised by his Anagama wood-fired technique using only local red pine trees as a fuel. Anagama (literally meaning "cave kiln") is an ancient type of pottery wood-firing kiln which can achieve warm wabi-sabi profound textures. 

His potteries invite you to connect with nature and make us rethink about the relationship between 'objects' and humans. 

Ceramic Katakuchi / Yuzamashi by Mutsumi Ohashi



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